Motivitee Alliance Program

5G and Industry 4.0 are paving the way for customers to harness the power of IOT – digital transformation has been accelerating in all industries. As the vendors continue to enter this space, it’s critical we work together to build a strong and effective ecosystem for our customers. As such we have built the Motivitee Alliance Program, inviting all players to join us in our goals to make the ecosystem as seamless as possible to our end users.

The Mission of the alliance program is three fold:
  1. Customers – Simplify the interoperability process for our customers, in turn driving down costs and increasing the pace of inserting new vendors into their network
  2. Partnerships – building relationships between vendors and providing a tested certification process that will ease your insertion into a customers network, insuring critical operational success. Service Delivery with Agility using certified solutions leads to credibility.
  3. Technical Leadership – Motivitee Alliance is all about Agile 5G Service Engablement with certified and secure solutions, with operational aspects engineered into the solutions. Participating in this program will give you access to some of the most innovative and forward thinking technologists in the industry.